Color Flood Challenge

Dive into an addictive and exciting puzzle game! Test your strategic thinking and flood the board with vibrant colors to claim victory.

Amazing Features

Challenging Gameplay Modes

Flood Mode

Immerse yourself in the classic flood puzzle challenge. Flood the entire board with a single color within the given steps. Can you conquer all the levels?


Race Mode

Compete against a smart computer opponent in a thrilling race to flood the maximum area. Adapt your strategy and outsmart your opponent to claim victory.

Multiple Board Sizes

Select from 8x8, 12x12, 18x18, or 24x24 boards.

Begin with smaller sizes to master your skills, then challenge yourself with larger boards for an even greater challenge.

Colorful Interface

Enjoy a visually pleasing game environment with vibrant colors and intuitive controls. Experience smooth gameplay that will keep you engaged from the first tap.

Intelligent Opponent

In Race Mode, face off against a computer opponent that adapts to your skill level. Win matches to witness the computer getting smarter, while a loss will result in a reduced challenge level. Can you stay ahead of the competition?

Hours of Fun

Exercise your brain, refine your strategy, and experience the satisfaction of flooding the board!

Game ScreenShots

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